Jimmy Malone – Keyboards

Alex Sarmiento – Bass Guitar
John Williams – Trumpet
Garry Klein – Lead Guitar
Suzanne Weissenberg – Vocals
Greg Evans – Trumpet, Arranger
Brian Nakagawa – Trombone
Bob Lang – Vocals, Guitar

Jimmy has been a highly regarded and respected keyboardist in the Sacramento region for thirty-five years. He is a returning member of On Air and also is performs with the local R&B/funk group Mercy Me! Jimmy’s main focus is to create original music combining traditional jazz with contemporary music and he also records and produces works with other original artists. Jimmy is married with two children.

Janese Powell – Vocals
Jimmy Malone – Keyboards
Geno Guerere – Drums
Raul Sandoval – Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Craig Yamamoto – Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Brad Tom – Baritone Saxophone

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