Greg Evans – Trumpet, Arranger

Alex Sarmiento – Bass Guitar
John Williams – Trumpet
Garry Klein – Lead Guitar
Suzanne Weissenberg – Vocals
Greg Evans – Trumpet, Arranger
Brian Nakagawa – Trombone
Bob Lang – Vocals, Guitar

GregGreg joined On Air as one of its earliest members in 1985 after moving west from Michigan. In addition to playing screaming trumpet leads and solos, Greg is also the primary arranger for the band. As a youngster, Greg once performed at The White House. As an adult, he teaches high school physics and math, is married and has two step-children.

Janese Powell – Vocals
Jimmy Malone – Keyboards
Geno Guerere – Drums
Raul Sandoval – Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Craig Yamamoto – Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Brad Tom – Baritone Saxophone

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