The 90’s

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The Mid-90s Lineup #1

Back row, L-R: Toby Kramasz, Kevin Coughlin, Greg Evans, Mark Ellenburg. Middle row: Katie Mathew, Brian Nakagawa, Ken Billeci, Bob Lang. Front: Liz Boorman, Vahan Kachadorian.





K Street Mall Performance

L-R: Ken Billeci, Bob Lang, Vahan Kachadorian, Greg Evans, Toby Kramasz.





Greg’s Trumpet

Greg Evans playing his trumpet a la Dizzy Gillespie at a Christmas party at the Firehouse in Old Sacramento, 1997.







The Mid 90’s Lineup #2

Back row, L-R: Kevin Coughlin, Toby Kramasz, Greg Evans. Middle row: Ken Billeci, John Chermesino, Bob Lang. Front: Katie Mathew, Liz Boorman, Brian Nakagawa, Vahan Kachadorian.



Creedence Concert

On Air opened for Creedence Clearwater Revisited at the Dixon Fairgrounds.






Late ‘90s Lineup

L-R: Brian Nakagawa, Phil Munsey, Dave Barbieri, Liz Boorman, Ken Billeci, Raul Sandoval, Greg Evans, Vahan Kachadorian, Bob Lang, Toby Kramasz.



On Air at Curtis Park

By the end of the decade and prior to the new millennium, On Air would undergo some significant changes.


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