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The First 30-Year Lineup

L-R: Brad Tom, Steve Davis, Brian Nakagawa, John Blake, Jimmy Malone,
Raul Sandoval, Greg Evans, Suzanne Weissenberg, Bob Lang,
Vahan Kachadorian, Johnny DuVall.




On Air and the Cougars

On Air performs with a half dozen El Dorado High School music students
at a spring fund raiser for the fine arts department.


Pint Sized Fan

On Air is a hit with the kids too!


They Like Their Hats

Brad and Brian have their favorite head wear.




The Foundation

Johnny on drums and Tony on bass.




End of Summer

On Air is a favorite attraction at several park and open air concerts
including this one at the Fountains in Roseville.





“It Goes Something Like This”

On Air’s second CD includes “I Wan’na Be Like You” from The Jungle Book.





The Current Band Includes Returnees

L-R: Bob Lang, Vahan Kachadorian, Tony Oddo, Brad Tom,
Suzanne Weissenberg, Johnny DuVall, Tim Stephenson,
Raul Sandoval, Greg Evans, John Brenneise.
The group had returning members. Tony played bass with On Air
in the early ‘90s and Tim, the bass player around the time of the
20-year reunion, returned as lead guitarist.


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