Bob Lang – Vocals, Guitar

next show  -   Cameron Park Summer Spectacular
Alex Sarmiento – Bass Guitar
John Williams – Trumpet
Garry Klein – Lead Guitar
Suzanne Weissenberg – Vocals
Greg Evans – Trumpet, Arranger
Brian Nakagawa – Trombone
Bob Lang – Vocals, Guitar

Happy BobBob founded On Air in 1985. As a child, he performed in community theater and Sacramento’s Music Circus. Following college, Bob began a 20-year broadcasting career as a radio disc jockey, then moved to television as a writer and producer. More recently, he has been a corporate trainer and has also taught college media and business classes. Bob is retired, married with two grown step-sons and a grandson.

Janese Powell – Vocals
Jimmy Malone – Keyboards
Geno Guerere – Drums
Raul Sandoval – Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Craig Yamamoto – Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Brad Tom – Baritone Saxophone

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